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Healing Crystals 

How To Use & Wear Your Crystals 


A Run Down

The healing properties of crystals come with the vibrations within each stone. Ways to tap into them: meditation, journaling, wearing, etc. Wearing crystals allows their energies to interact with you body's chakras and energy field. 

Crystals are a highly skeptical subject, and even I questioned the "hype" before and when I first started using them. Once I started wearing them and meditating with them, I found my spiritual energies became more stable and I did not fall in to negativity as easily. Long story short, whether or not you believe in their vast properties, you never know until you try. They are gorgeous nonetheless.

Most Popular Crystals 

  • Amethyst: Protection

  • Rose Quartz: Love 

  • Aquamarine: Moving On

  • Sunstone: Uplifting

  • Clear Quartz: Raising Positive Energy

  • Jade: Rejuvination

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